Name: Jasna
Surname: Mihailovic
Date of birth: 03.03.1961.
Nationality: Serbian
Address (office): Oncology Institute of Vojvodina, Institutski put 4,21204 Sremska Kamenica, Serbia


A Levels: Elementary school (1967-1975)
Secondary school Middle medical school (1975-1979)
Medical faculty: 1979-1985
Postgraduate study: 1985-1987
Specialization: Nuclear medicine (1989-1993)
Academic Master specialization of health management: Faculty of organizational sciences Belgrade, 2007-2008
Qualifications: Ph.M.(1991-Medical Faculty Novi Sad:” Radionuclide angiography of the solitary thyroid nodules”)
Ph.D.(1999-Medical Faculty Novi Sad:” The role of MRI in diagnostics and differential diagnostic of “cold” thyroid nodes”)